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That's part milf beeg of the deal. beegs I shop for you, you beeg keep out of my beeg x drawers"--she gave beeg . me a leer--"and every once in a while beegxx my beeg milf tough little brother will milf beeg turn sissy and put beeg videos on a little fashion show for beeg tubes us." Well, of course I agreed. I didn't have beeg massage much choice. It was a very nice and convenient arrangement, actually, and although I felt uncomfortable at knowing my sister was on to me (and that she had something with which beeg video she could blackmail me), it struck me that maybe, just possibly, there beeg com was an unexpected streak of kindness and, maybe even compassion, in her nature. In retrospect, I think there was. Over beeg gesetz the next week, I thought of nothing but that evening and of how it had felt to be dressed up. On my afternoon panty sessions, I now put on various other things as well, beeg sexxn usually a garter belt and stockings. 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And teen beeg usually I put on makeup--lipstick every time, beeg.c and eye shadow, and on special occasions--"bra days," when I was feeling especially femme--every bit of beeg black makeup I could beeg 4k reasonably get on my face: foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, the works. Then, dressed that way, I would read her fashion magazines, looking for tips on how to dress and make up. beeg xx Sis seemed to accept me and my "hobby," or xxx beeg at least she got used to it, or maybe it amused her, and after a while she started taking me shopping with her. She took me to the places that had the best selections and would make recommendations. Sometimes I told her what I liked, and she would either buy it for me hd beeg or would suggest something better. My favorites were sexy black: black panties with a lot of lace, a black garter belt, and black hose. I liked pantyhose, too, which I found wonderfully comfortable as well as sexy, although to me there was still nothing sexier than panties and a garter belt. I got a couple of bras, too, including a black one to go with my other black things, but I didn't always wear bras. It felt funny unless the cups were properly filled out; stuffing them with hand- kerchiefs didn't feel right, and proper breast forms were too expensive. (I was out беег of college and working before I got beeg.con myself a pair of boobs.) But when we shopped, Sis kept the things we had selected and wouldn't pass them on to me until I had modelled them for her friends. Then their interest began to flag. One week, I wasn't summoned. The next week Sis bought me a pair of stockings and just gave them to me: "Here, Eddie. beeg com. Gotta run." A couple of weeks later, beeg hairy our folks were away on a weekend trip. I had known they would be gone, and I had something in mind. Sis and her friends had never put perfume beag.com on me; but now with my folks away www.beeg..com and with a whole weekend for the scent beeg free to dissipate, I wanted to try it. It was the only thing missing in my complete feminization, I thought, and I craved it. Came Friday night, when Sis and her friends had their regular get-together, and again I wasn't asked beeg porche to come and dress up for them. I heard them laughing and talking, just as I always did, and I was thinking about that perfume. It was a month since they had dressed me. I was also thinking, as I did so often, about how it felt to be dressed up as a girl, and to have them see me that way and stare at sex beeg me and my head began to swim, as it always did at the prospect of dressing up. This time it was intense; my thoughts were in a whirl and for a minute I wondered whether I was going b eeg to faint. I suddenly knew what I was beeg lesbian going to do. 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When beeg tubes they were anal beeg about to apply my makeup, beeg indian I waved them away, sat down at Sis's vanity, and started putting on my own makeup. beeg videos teen beeg "You look as if you've had practice," beeg. com Betty said. "I have," I said. "I practice every chance I begg can get." Another stunned silence. beeg/ It was the whole works; the only thing that had ever been missing was cologne. Sis's shoes didn't fit my big wwwbeeg feet, beegxxx but I borrowed a pair of Mom's heels and tottered about in them. And I wanted to wear Sis's Arpege. "You're going to smell of it all weekend," Sis objected. "Okay. I'm not going anywhere," https //beeg.com I said. "Mom and Dad are gone, baseball season xxxbeeg is over, and I can spend the weekend at home studying. In fact, I have to; I have a big exam coming up. That's why I want to try wearing cologne now." 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"You mean that that first time when you struggled like mad and we had to hold you down, you were *faking?*" "Well, er, it was...well, more exciting, being forced." "You devious little snip! beeh But I'm worried about you. Panties I can see; even nylons. www beeg com I've heard that there are men who wear those things. But dresses...! Do you like it when we beeg mp4 hd beeg put you in a dress, too?" "Yes. I love it." "Oh, dear.... Well, with your long hair, you certainly look convincing. But don't *ever* go out like beeg hd that! Your face will pass, at your age, free beeg and maybe even your legs, but your hands are a boy's beeg vids hands, and you can't disguise them. And you may look like a girl, all dressed up, but you don't act like one." It had been a splendid finale, that evening, and a finale was what it was; that was the last time I ever dressed for them. They had lost interest, as I might have expected; but by some miracle they kept my secret and didn't blab it to all the other girls at school, which had been my worst fear. I'm still grateful to them for that. Even more remarkably, Sis kept up her side of the bargain all the site beeg.com beeg way through high school. mom beeg She kept me supplied with stockings, and the occa- sional pair of panties and bra; but she would also set aside her old dresses and give me permission to wear them. And when she went away to college, the last thing she did before she left was to beeg jepang lay in a stock of things for me so I wouldn't have to beeg com shop for them myself--mostly panties, stockings, and pantyhose. "I assume you're going to keep this up, Eddie," she said. "If so, then eventually you're going to have to start buying these things yourself. But not around here where they'll recognize you. These should keep you going for a while. If you run out of hose, write me and I'll send you some. And, for God's sake, don't ever go outside beeg sex video wearing my things!" Now, years later, this acceptance and help still amaze me. In high school we had gym classes only every other day. On gym days, and when I was out for sports, I wore regular boy's underwear, but on the other days, and on most weekends, I wore panties under my www.beeg.com other clothes. And when I came home from school in the afternoon, I could usually get in an hour or so of beeg.coom crossdressing sex beeg before my folks mom beeg came beeg.con home. beeg hairy It was beeg x still exciting, and my heart always beat faster when I realized that it was time to dress up, but I also beeg 4k began to find it relaxing. I didn't always masturbate when I dressed; sometimes I just sat beeg movies around and read my sister's magazines or did my homework. I was getting to think of panties and dresses as a way of relaxing, of unwinding at the end of the school day; I would change into beeg.c a dress the way other boys might change into casual wear. When I got to college, everything changed. I had two roommates my first two years, and I didn't dare let them know about my crossdressing, especially because I was still the macho guy, active in athletics, and I didn't dare let them find out that one of their tough teammates liked to run around in girls' things. I was beegs nervous about the whole business, and even cut my hair short. As beeg porche it happened, we were all open and easy about jerking off, and once we all had a circle jerk together. (We felt that was kid stuff, however, and we never did that again.) But jerking off was one thing--everybody beeg did that--and wearing dresses was something else. After a while, the tension and frustration of always having to wear men's clothes, and even men's underwear, got to me, and finally I brought a couple of pairs of panties from home. (I had always kept my things in Sis's room, so if my parents saw them, they would just assume they were hers. I just left them there when I went away to school.) On days when I didn't have to do athletics, I would get all dressed in the morning, stuff a beeg.com/ pair of panties in my trouser pocket, and then change into them in the beeg-com john. That provided some www.beeg.com relief. Then in the evening, some time before bed, I would go back to the john and reverse the process, so that when I got ready for bed my roommates would www.beeg see me taking off jockey shorts. In the Fall of my sophomore year I had a real lucky break: beeg hot I went with a girl to a costume party at Hallowe'en. Naturally, I thought of going as a girl but didn't dare suggest www beeg it. But Nancy thought of it, too. "Why don't we go as each other?" she asked as we were discussing what to wear. My beeg xvideos heart leaped up. But this was dangerous territory. "I don't think that would be a good idea," I objected. "Oh, come on. You're an athlete; nobody is going to, well, get beegxx ideas." So I gave in, to all appearances reluctantly. And she gave me the whole treatment, as thoroughly as my sister and her friends ever had, and then some: girl's clothes, makeup--and cologne--and even a wig which tube beeg we rented for the occasion. What an experience!--and blessings on whoever invented Hallowe'en, giving poor TVs like me the perfect, absolutely acceptable excuse for not only dressing up as girls but indian beeg actually going out of doors and to parties dressed beeg coom that way! Nancy chose the clothes for me. "This is a party, and I think you should wear black underthings." Black! beeg. free porn beeg ...my favorite color! "Here...black panties, and here's a black bra to go with them. Do you need help fastening the beeg come beeg gesetz bra?" She winked at me. "You've had enough experience *un*fastening them!" Bra and panties were familiar and well loved by this time, but I felt funny wearing them in front of my best girl. "Now, I think you'll find beeg hot pantyhose more manageable. A garter belt is kind of a nuisance if you're not used to it." ("Not used to it"...!) I wasn't used to wearing beeg teen panties under pantyhose, but I certainly was beegcom used to garter belts. "Here; these are brand new--jet black sheer-to-the-waist. I got the largest size I could find; I hope they'll be long enough." I could have told her, if I dared, exactly what size, style, and make were right for me. "Now, you like this blue dress of mine so much. Let's see if beeg 18 we can get you beeg ass into it.... Well! You certainly got that on quickly and easily, didn't you! Even beeg. com the zipper on the side...just as if you had been doing it beag.com all your life! "...There. My!...you look so *natural* and comfortable! That blue really goes well with your complexion. And www.beeg your legs! Pull up porn beeg the skirt a bit and